Thistledown Greenhouse

We are coming upon some major changes in our lives and our path forward, which include, among many things, our website. With regret and agony in coming to this decision, we have discontinued our mail order segment of our business. We are taking a leave of absence, a hiatus, a moratorium from the demands of maintaining our Webstore and all that is required to keep the level of quality and integrity that we demand of ourselves. This will enable us to put greater effort and time into our local sales and propagation. Please be assured that we will continue vending at the Redding Farmers Market and the Jolly Giant Flea Market. We are in the preliminary process of seriously moving our operation to Oregon, the Eugene/Willamette Valley area specifically. This will surely be a gradual and incremental process, offering tremendous challenges, we're sure.

We apologize, particularly to our many very loyal customers, for any inconveniences or disappointed feelings. Not wanting to burn bridges, at some time in the future, it is our desire that we will be able to, once again, resume our web sales and the sharing, throughout the country, of these totally fascinating and beautiful denizens of the desert.

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